Customizing the Error Messages in the SuperSite 2 and PartnerSite

Any error message that a viewer might encounter on your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite upon performing an improper action (like providing an incorrect password on login) can be thoroughly customized.

To customize the error messages in your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite

  1. Login to your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite Admin Area. See details

  2. Under the My Languages section for SuperSite 2 or My Language PartnerSites section for PartnerSite, click Manage Site besides the Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite, where you wish to make these changes.

  3. Under the Edit/Translate Website Content section, click Edit Content.

  4. This will lead you to a list of folders that contain the content for all pages in the SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite. Click on Browse adjacent to the Common folder. Inside the Common folder, click on the Browse link, adjacent to the Errors directory.

  5. Here, look for the file Error_messages_list.txt, and click Edit adjacent to the page name.

  6. The textboxes on the subsequent page contains the complete list of error messages that might be encountered on the site. You can modify the content available in one or more textboxes under Your Modified Text in <your current selected Language SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite> and click the Save Changes button after completing the modification.

  • You will have to repeat the above process, if you have configured multiple languages for your SuperSite 2 / PartnerSite.

  • If you are not satisfied with the modifications and wish to revert to the earlier setting, from the Edit view, click Reset to Default. Alternatively, if you wish to revert the text modification of a few select textboxes, copy the text from the left hand side to its adjacent textbox and click Save Changes.